Get Spiritually Strong!

Let Kristen Feola help you train your body and soul!

True fitness is more than physical. Kristen Feola, as a former personal trainer, has coached men and women for years on the importance of regular exercise and nutritious eating. But even though Kristen is committed to helping others improve their physical fitness, there’s something she’s even more passionate about.

Spiritual fitness.

“Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come” (1 Tim. 4:8 NLT).

Kristen Feola can help you build strength in both areas of your life.

Her newest book, Spiritually Strong: The Ultimate 6-Week Guide to Building Your Body and Soul, teaches you how to:

  • Study the Bible and understand what God is saying to you.
  • Pray with power.
  • Incorporate periodic fasting into your life.
  • Honor God with your body through nutritious eating and exercise.
  • Practice good stewardship of the resources God has given you.
  • Serve others in humility as an outward demonstration of God’s love.

Kristen also provides a variety of other resources, such as:

God wants you to experience an abundant, joy-filled life through daily, practical steps of obedience, so you can:

“Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power” (Eph. 6:10 NLT)

If you want become more fit this year, now is the time to take action!

“Spiritually Strong” by Kristen Feola – Official Book Trailer

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Kristen Feola - Exercise VideoCheck out Kristen Feola’s free exercise videos recommended in Spiritually Strong.

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"Do You Trust God" by Kristen Feola

Do You Trust God?

It's easy to say the words, "I'm trusting in the Lord." But, what exactly does that mean? Trusting God involves remaining in His Word. Letting go of anxiety. Choosing to rest in His presence. Refusing to be held captive by fear.
"How to Do a Biceps Curl"

"How to Do a Biceps Curl" by Kristen Feola

The biceps curl is a popular exercise that's often included in a workout program, and rightfully so. Your biceps are located on the front of your upper arms, and curls help to strengthen those muscles, which are major players in helping you lift and carry objects.
Spiritually Strong by Kristen Feola

Join the Spiritually Strong Online Bible Study!

To grow stronger in the Lord, you must exercise your muscles on a regular basis. My book, Spiritually Strong: The Ultimate 6-Week Guide to Building Your Body and Soul, outlines six exercises that will train your spiritual core – Bible study, prayer, fasting, healthy living, financial stewardship, and serving others.
Spiritually Strong by Kristen Feola

Get Spiritually Strong in 2015!

What does it take to get in better physical shape? You have to push yourself beyond what’s comfortable. You can’t just sit around and think about working out. You have to get off the couch and do it. The same is true spiritually. To grow stronger in the Lord, you must exercise your muscles on a regular basis.

One Word for 2015: FIGHT!

Every December I ask God to give me a word. Not just any word, but one that describes what He wants to accomplish through me in the coming year. As I begin 2015, I’m ready to live out my new word for this year.
Keep pedaling!

What To Do When Life Seems Overwhelming

I just wanted to cry. In fact, I did. Nearly everything within me wanted to get off my bike and rest. My lungs were burning. My muscles, screaming. My heart, about to explode from exertion. The mountain climb was much more difficult than I'd imagined.
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